Journal Cover

This is an easy tutorial for a journal cover made from your favorite fabrics.

1.  You will need a piece of fabric and fusable fleece (or interfacing) that is 30 X 13.  I prefer to cut my fleece 29X12 to make it less bulky.

2.  Iron the fusable fleece to the back side of your fabric, following the directions on your fusable fabric.


3.  Iron each shorter end 3/8 inch down and then again 1/2 inch to create a finished edge.

4.  Sew the ironed seam closed for a decorative and finished look.   I prefer to use a thread that will blend into the fabric, but you can also use a contrasting thread which will create a more decorative look.


5.  Fold back the sides to approximately 6.5 inches, making sure that there is about 1/8 inch on each side of the book as it lays open on top.   Make any changes to make sure it will fit perfectly then pin the sides in place.


6.  Draw a line using a disappearing ink pen about 1/4 from the top and bottom of the journal.  Sew on this line, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end.


7.  Clip your corners to make the journal less bulky when it is turned right side out.  Now turn it right side out and insert the journal, bending the second side to fit.




8.  Decorate with  a bow or a pen holder (tutorial to come soon!)



This same concept can be used to cover any book!  Just measure the distance around the cover and the length of the book and alter the original size of your pattern.






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