Lined Tote Bag

This adorable lined tote bag is easy to make and only requires 1 yard of fabric.  Are you ready to get started?

You will just need a 1/2 yard of a canvas fabric, 1/2 yard of a cotton type for the lining,  1/2 yard of fusable fleece, and 1.5 yards of canvas strap.


1.  Cut 2 pieces of fabric, lining, and fleece to match the size you have chosen, and notch out a 2X2 section in the bottom corners of the bag as shown above:

Small tote:  16 X12

Medium tote:  18X14

Cut the canvas strap in half, creating two strips of equal length.

2.  Iron on the fusable fleece to the wrong side of the lining, following the directions on the fusable fleece.

3.  Pin the right sides of the lining together, sew the sides and the bottom together, leaving a 3 inch opening in the bottom and leaving the 2 inches notches open.  Do the same for the outer fabric,  but this time you don’t have to leave an opening in the bottom.



4.  Iron seams flat on lining and outer canvas fabric.


5.  Line up seams on the sides where you cut out a 2 in opening.   Pin openings and sew together with a 5/8 inch seam allowance for both the lining and the outer canvas.  (Do not sew closed the opening in the bottom of the lining.)


6.  Pin strap 4 inches from each side, being careful not to twist the strap from one side to the other.  Pin and sew on the right side of the outer canvas fabric as seen in picture.  Be sure to stitch it close to the edge and backstitch it in place. Do this for both sides of the canvas fabric, making sure the straps line up.


7.  With right sides together, place the canvas bag inside the lining, sandwiching the straps between the two.  Pin the seams together first then pin the rest of the bag in place.  Sew 1/2 to 5/8 inch all around the top of the bag.


8.  Turn the bag right side out through the opening in the bottom of the lining, iron the top of the bag and topstitch 1/4 inch around the top for stabilization and decoration.

9.  Close up the lining by hand with the ladder stitch.




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