Stuffed Animal tutorial


My middle schooler picked out this pattern to make over the summer.  I was actually impressed with how well her first bunny turned out.  By the end of the summer we have made 4 of them between the two of us.  What a sweet, personalized gift for a child.  While this pattern is considered “easy”, there are a many steps.  Therefore I would like to post some pictures to go along with the written instructions in the pattern.  The numbers in my tutorial correlate with the detailed description and numbers in the pattern.  This is an affordable pattern, which can be found at Walmart or Hobby Lobby.


1.25 yard of fabric.  You may use a cotton type and a knit.  I personally liked the softness of the knit, which is pictured in the tutorial.

1 yard of ribbon

2 buttons

Embroidery thread

Step 1:

Cut out pattern piece

Cut two of each pattern piece (#1 & #2), being careful to create a notch where indicated


1. Pin and sew dart seam on front legs


Iron dart seam toward front foot


Sew front pieces together, right sides together, at center front seam


Clip curves and Iron center seam flat. (This may be difficult, but it is crucial)


Sew on eyes (I used a disappearing ink pen to draw the dots for the eyes)  Notice where the dots are on the pattern pieces


2.  Reinforce at inner corner on back side near the dart seam and clip seam allowance to dot.


3.  Make a dart seam at lower leg on the back side, just like you did with smaller dart on the front side.

Stitch center back seam BUT be sure sure to leave an opening between the notches

  • If you are going to monogram the ear, like I did, be sure to do this before you sew the front to the back.IMG_5273[1]

4.  With RIGHT sides together, pin front and back together matching up darts.

Sew all the way around, leaving at opening at the dart seams on the end of each foot.

Clip curves


Make dart seams on the feet by folding the opening closed and sewing straight across.  Trim excess fabric on dart seam at foot


5.  Turn right side out.  You may stitch the ears closed, but I did not do this on my bunny.

Iron ears flat


6.  Stuff rabbit, but be sure to not stuff the ears if you didn’t stitch closed like mine.

Ladder stitch closed.

7.  Embroider nose using 6 threads of floss, using the satin stitch.


I made these bunnies for a friend at church who was pregnant with twins!  Hutson and Emmerson, enjoy your bunnies!!!


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