Habits of Hospitality. Habits Part 4

Hospitality is NOT about entertainng, it’s about making someone feel comfortable and valued.  My mother is as hospitable as they come, so this habit has come easy to me.  This month my Home EC girls have been talking about habits, and hospitality is an important one.  Here are three areas that young women can begin to practice in the habit of hospitality.

In your home:  As the host family, it is our responsibility to greet everyone who enters our doors.   Children don’t get a free pass just because they are shy, quiet. or young.  It’s okay to push ourselves to be hospitable when it isn’t natural.  God has called us to be salt and light to the world and hospitality is a means of spreading that light.   Here are some ways that children and teens can be more hospitable in the home:

  1.  Greet everyone who enters your home with a hello or a more personal greeting.  (Even if it’s your moms friend and not yours)
  2.  Always offer guests something to drink
  3. Don’t answer phones or text while in a conversation with a friend (unless it’s your mother calling!!! 😉
  4. Be sure to ask questions.  We should be quick to listen and slow to speak.
  5. Make guests feel comfortable by showing them around your house for the first time.
  6. Introduce your guests to all family members.

My Home EC girls enjoyed some role playing in class to greet visitors in their homes.  I wish I had recorded those interactiions.  We had such a great time being silly and pushing ourselves to be more outgoing.

On the phone:  First of all I’d like to say, as someone who was trained in customer service, the person in front of you is always more important that the person on the phone.

  1.  Dont’ answer your phone while conversing with someone in person, unless it is an emergency.
  2. Turn your phone off or down when you are talking with someone face to face.
  3. It’s okay to return all your texts later, instead of right when they are received.
  4. The people in front of you are way more important than the person on the phone.

At Church or School:  We’ve all been the new girl.  Don’t forget what it feels like when you are all alone with no one to talk to.

  1. We need to go out of our comfort zone to make others feel comfortable, especially when they are new or alone.
  2. Be sure to inroduce yourself AND your friends to someone who is new at school, or church.
  3. Ask questions of those who are new to a group you are involved in.

AND the last thing I want to Say about Hospitality is “BE QUICK to say and send Thank yous!


This is a lost art.  When I was growing up, my grandmother taught me to write the thank you card before you use the gift that you received.  For Home EC class we made several homemade Thank you cards.  We used Stampin up’s Punching and stamping sets to create these unique cards.  It is amazing how different the cards looked.

To sum up all four weeks of our 4 part study on Habits, I created memory verse cards for each of the girls with a “to do list” on the reverse side of each card.   I hope they will continue to grow in these habits.






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