Christmas Stocking Ornament

During the month of November my Home EC girls are “Preparing for Christmas”.  Our first project, which is an easy one, was to make miniature Christmas stockings.  This tutorial can be made into any size, however, the miniature ones hold a starbucks gift card perfectly! 😉  It takes very little fabric.  The first stocking the girls made took about 45 minutes, but the second one only took 25!



Outer fabric (red)

Lining fabric (white)

miniature ball fringe for the strap and embellishments


Step 1:  Cut out two pieces from the Outer fabric and the lining.  You can use any stocking as a pattern.  Just cut your pattern 1/2 inch wider than the stocking, to allow for the seam allowance.


Step 2:  Using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, sew outer fabric to lining at the top of stocking.  Be sure to sew them with right sides together.   Repeat for the other side.



Step 3:  Pin right sides together, and sew the two pieces together.  Be sure to leave an opening in the lining about 1.5 inches long near the lower end of the back of the stocking.   Back stitch  on both sides of the opening.  See picture below.



Step 4:  Clip curves, turn right side out, and iron.


Step 5:  Sew the opening closed in the lining.  You may chose to insert the strap inside the opening, before you sew it closed.

Step 6:  Sew or hotglue ball fringe around the edge of the stocking cuff.


Add a gift card and hang it on the tree!  These will make an impersonal gift card become a fabulous gift!







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