Laminated Fabric


A few months ago I bought a yard and a half of laminated fabric.  Well last night I couldn’t sleep so I got crafty.   I found a tutorial for a “Big Blue IKEA Bag” by Miss Make and altered it by adding a lining and a pocket.  This bag is HUGE!   I’m not sure what I will do with it, but it was fun to make.  The most difficult part about sewing with the laminated fabric was the topstitching.  My sewing machine seemed to have a hard time stitching through all of the layers.


At a recent Home EC class I taught a class on zippers.  I chose an easy project, making cosmetic bags.  Since laminated fabric is so expensive, I laminated some fabric using an iron on Laminating paper.  The fabric looked great at first, but as I worked with it during my project, the fabric began to wrinkle.  Here is a picture of the cosmetic bag I made using the laminated fabric that I made.


I can’t wait to make some more projects with this fabric.  It would be a great fabric for a lunch box. 😉




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